When it comes to interiors, I rarely talk about my life as a musician. But this piano and I came into the world at the same time, and today, I tell our story! ⁣

My parents, both musicians, bought this glossy black beauty a few months before I was born to celebrate their first house and first baby.  Some of my earliest memories are my mom performing jazz standards in our old house (with it’s quintessential 80’s green shag carpet) and me clumsily dancing around until I was old enough to play it myself. ⁣

I started classical lessons when I was 5, and was competing at college level by the time I was 12.  I composed my earliest classical compositions on this piano, which went on to win consecutive state and regional titles throughout my elementary and high school years.  NYU accepts only a handful into its piano performance program every year. When the time came, I was blessed to be one of them.

After moving back to Pittsburgh, I eventually bought my first townhouse (in the lovely historic Chatham Village) and my mom, very generously, allowed me to call the upright my own. This was around the time when I broke free from the regimented classical world and started to explore my own identity as an artist, writing songs instead of pieces, expressing emotions through melody and lyrics, and finding my voice as a singer.

Though I rarely spend time with Chopin and Liszt anymore, their brilliance will undoubtedly influence everything I create. The discipline it took to master their pieces at a young age now carries over into all aspects of life – from art, to home renovations, to relationships.

As for the piano, she will always be a reminder of my strange and beautiful childhood, and forever my partner in all musical ventures to come.