“Change the way you look at things, and the things you look at change.” ⁣


Let’s talk about this number for a second, shall we? Today is, of course, Friday the 13th in conjunction with a full moon. The last time this happened was on October 13th in the year 2000. If you know me well, you know why that is significant.  If you don’t, I’m about to tell you:    

In high school, while most people were making wishes on 11:11, everywhere I turned, I saw the number “13” and, if three digits were available,  “413”. It was as if this number was “assigned” to me. Room numbers, clocks, license plates, house numbers, addresses, even my drivers license number – all contain 413.  As a teen, I considered this ominous (because of it’s  spooky reputation), but that feeling heightened significantly when my father passed away a few  minutes after midnight on, you guessed it, October 13th.  The number was so prominent in my life, that amidst ALL the other unfathomable emotions I was feeling in the hospital that night, I was watching the clock in the waiting room, hoping that his passing wouldn’t fall on that date. But it did.  Of course, this is what 413 had been pointing to all along – the single most profound moment of my life.  He was 44 and he died on the 13th.

I understand now that for the years leading up to his passing, I was either tapping into some level of my own consciousness and predicting the future, OR my guides were giving me clues of what was to come.  However, as I awakened deeper and my views on death changed, I realize that it was never ominous at all, simply a guiding post.

You see, as strange as it sounds, I found purpose in his passing.  The universe consistently puts me in the path of others who have lost a parent or loved one, and I am, hopefully, able to help soften the blow.

13 still presents itself to me almost everywhere I go, but now, I know it is dad sending a message!  Last year on my birthday, I found a playing card on the floor that belongs to a discontinued 90’s board game we’ve never seen and do not own.  The number 13 was on the back.  It was a “birthday card” from beyond.

So Happy Friday the 13th, and Happy Harvest Moon….if you have a similar story with numerology, please SHARE! It is truly fascinating.