How’s everybody feeling about spending some quality time in your sacred space? 🤔 Being self employed, our life isn’t changing much (except for way more food in the freezer). We love our home and spend as much time here as we can! ⁣

That being said, if you’ve been neglecting your space or putting off an interior project, now is the time to face it head on! ⁣

We know these projects can be overwhelming, so we put together some ideas on where to start:⁣

Focus on one room at a time. ⁣

Declutter and remove / donate anything in that room that no longer serves you. ⁣

Deep clean it! Dust shelves, wash floors, clean mirrors. ⁣

Make a list of projects for that room (that you already have the supplies to tackle.) Patch holes, touch up paint, hang artwork, etc. ⁣

Re-arrange furniture! You’ll be surprised how refreshing this can be. ⁣

Re-style decor! Since it’s not safe to go shopping, challenge yourself to work with the decor you already have and try to see things in a new light. Rearrange shelves, plants, lamps, anything easily movable. ⁣

Swap rugs between rooms – another major vibe changer! ⁣

Organize your Pinterest board (or create one) for each room so that, when able, you’re ready to implement new colors and ideas. ⁣

Hopefully this inspires you to get started! Take advantage of this time to give your home some love. 🥰

If you need help or inspiration, we offer virtual consultations! Just send us a message. 🖤