Haunte® is a cross between Haute & Haunt⁣. ⁣

haute⁣ (adj.)- fashionably elegant or high-class⁣

haunt⁣ (v.) – to be persistently in the mind of; evocative; difficult to ignore or forget ⁣

Two words: one referring to aesthetics, one referring to emotion. ⁣

In Middle English, the word ‘haunt’ is also closely related to the word ‘home.’⁣

We believe a home should not only be seen, it should be felt. How closely do you pay attention to the way you feel (not just what you see) when you walk into a room?  Do you believe the two are connected? ?

As individuals, we all have our own unique styles, and if we simply follow trends and fail to surround ourselves with things we truly love, we fall out of alignment with the very place in which we dwell. Conversely, if we choose decor and colors that vibrate with us (popular or not) we become uplifted and inspired by our surroundings, and both the space and those that enter it will ‘vibe’ on a much higher level. ⁣

A home is a living and breathing thing, reflecting the energy of its inhabitants, and retaining that energy for years to come. ⁣ Think about it this way: If a spirit ? can continue to haunt a place after it has left a body, imagine the energetic impact of a vibrant HUMAN⚡️on the place in which he or she spends the most time.

Our mission is this: If we can provide just one thing that increases the vibration of your space, whether it be a custom piece of furniture that excites you, a paint color on the wall that makes you light up every time you see it, or simply a handmade candelabra that makes your time at the dinner table a little more magical, then we consider this endeavor to be a success. ⁣

It is our hope that you find our work both aesthetically pleasing and emotionally stirring, for there is great depth and intention poured into every brush stroke, every idea, and each and every design. ⁣