Haunte is more than a brand or a product – it is a feeling.

Whether it be through interior styling, hand painted furniture, custom creations or simply a conversation – the intention is to leave you with something that didn’t exist before you met us.

We draw inspiration from worlds past and present, incorporating Victorian elements into today’s modern era, using nothing but feeling to guide us.

If you’re looking for traditional interior design, you’ve come to the wrong place. If you’re looking for a place where rules don’t exist and intuition reigns, you’ve found it. The single most important deciding factor we will ask you inside of any project: “How does it make you FEEL?”

But what exactly do we do?

With our combined skillsets and professional backgrounds, we are happy to offer:
✨Interior Styling + Color Expertise
✨Hand-painted Furniture + Commissions
✨Handmade Copper Creations

Creative Direction & Styling for:
✨Themed Events: Weddings + Parties
– Including graphic + web design
✨Photo / Video Shoots
– Including accompanying music beds

Sight, sound, color, texture – all of these elements come together and tantalize the senses to create a sixth.

The intention behind Haunte is simple: To raise vibration through aesthetics.

The magic is in the details.