My name is Nina Sainato, and this is my story

The piano

As a child prodigy on the piano, I was always drawn to the hauntingly beautiful nocturnes of Chopin and wishing only to perform, and compose, pieces in minor keys.  Thus began the relationship between beauty and darkness in my world. The discipline it took to master these classical pieces set the stage for a life of detail and perfectionism.  My discovery shortly thereafter of the music of Danny Elfman and the enchantment of his collaborations with Tim Burton only enhanced the dark and dreamy aesthetic of my childhood.

The paranormal

My earliest memories are filled with curiosities about the afterlife, and how we might be able to communicate with those who have passed on. Conversations about dimensional travel, astral projection, spirit boards, and apparitions, were the center of my pre-teen world. Little did I know, all that curiosity was preparing me for a string of deaths in my family, most notably my father, when I was 17.  The next few years were full of lessons, spiraling me into a full blown spiritual awakening through which I started to receive signs from the other side. A path of breadcrumbs, which ultimately led to my husband and divine counterpart, Freddie Nelson.

The pivot point

By this time, I was working as a professional musician but also as a freelance web and graphic designer. Freddie is an internationally known musician and producer, who also found a secondary creative outlet in finished carpentry. When we became homeowners, our creativity expanded into interiors. While re-imagining our 1882 farmhouse, I started painting walls, then furniture, together we built bookcases from scratch, laid patios, made our own decor. Thus began the journey into a world of paint, color, pattern, texture, and lighting and we found it unspeakably gratifying. Using nothing but intuition to guide us, we created a space that was both visually striking and energetically pleasing and the more we documented, the more outside requests came in to help others do the same.  In 2019, after much reflection and appreciation for all of the creative gifts we have been given in this life, I felt a pull from the universe to combine them all into one idea – one feeling – one vibe.  And that is how Haunte® was born.

Change the way you look at things, and the things you look at change.

– Wayne Dyer

Our Mission

Haunte® is more than a brand or a product – it is a feeling.

haute⁣ (adj.)- fashionably elegant or high-class⁣

haunt⁣ (v.) – to be persistently in the mind of; evocative; difficult to ignore or forget ⁣

A cross between two words: one referring to aesthetics, one referring to emotion.  

The intention behind Haunte® is simple: To raise vibration through aesthetics.

If we can provide just one thing that increases the vibration of your world, whether it be a custom piece of furniture that excites you, a paint color on the wall that makes you light up, the finishing touches to your wedding day, or simply a handmade candelabra that makes your time at the dinner table a little more magical, then we consider this endeavor to be a success. ⁣

Sight, sound, color, texture – all of these elements come together and tantalize the senses to create a sixth.

It is our hope that you find our work both aesthetically pleasing and emotionally stirring, for there is great depth and intention poured into every brush stroke, every idea, and each and every design. ⁣ 

The magic is in the details.

Let us Haunte® your home.